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Happy Independence Day!

Menu #901

California Rolls: imitation crab, avocado and cucumber

Alaskan Roll: smoked salmon, white asparagus and avocado

Philadelphia Roll: Salmon, chive and parve cream cheese garnished with Masago caviar

Tuna Roll: Tuna, carrots, red pepper and European cucumber garnished with toasted black and white sesame seeds

Dragon Roll: Salmon, Imitation crab, Cucumber, & topped with Avocado

Garden Roll: Avocado, carrots, Cucumber, white asparagus, Red Peppers, with inside-out Seaweed.

**Sushi served with Soy sauce, pickled ginger, Wasabi & chop sticks

Price: $6 per regular roll; $7 per whole wheat roll; $9 per Tempura roll $10 per Whole Wheat Tempura roll

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