Innovative Chef Shaike Korlansky elevates the culinary arts as Founder and Executive Chef of Shaike's Kosher Catering.


Growing up in the holy city of B’nai Brak, Israel, Shaike Korlansky carries the heart and passion of his country with every venture he takes on. His excitement and love for cooking brought him to South Florida where over twelve years ago he took the Kosher-catering world by storm. Before his big move to Florida, Shaike traveled extensively all over Europe, Asia and South America learning under master chefs to broaden his culinary scope and understand world cuisine. Shaike is regarded as one of South Florida’s most exciting, elegant and creative culinary chefs because of his modern presentation combined with his playful use of flavors and textures. He combines traditional techniques with a modern twist to create innovative dishes that excite the taste buds. The secret to his success is to push through all boundaries and have no limitations in the culinary world. No matter how crazy and extravagant an idea might seem, Shaike not only “makes it happen” but also delivers with finesse and style.

Smoking liquid nitrogen, chocolate-melting globes, flashing LED polycarbonate displays and molecular gastronomy alginate spheres are common sights at Shaike’s events. Guests are awed as they see the liquid nitrogen freezing signature cocktails, popcorn, bread and classic ice cream before they even savor the first bite. The interactive cooking stations entertain and excite with theatrics of delectable food being served as visual art. Our chefs prepare cutting edge flavor juxtapositions that can’t be found elsewhere; they include black pepper Parisian macaroons with braised short ribs or British duck with peanut relish on mini Brioche rolls. The flavors are simple, but elegantly matched together for an exquisite tasting experience. With Shaike’s standards, even the simplest combination must have the perfect balance of colors, taste and texture to create an epicurean delight!

Many kosher catering companies exist but no one else has the gift for food that Shaike does, or his calculation for flawless service and attention to detail. We customize every menu so your event can be perfect, whether it is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Bris Milah, corporate event or wedding; we strive to create something truly unforgettable. From the first introduction to the very last bite, all aspects of your catering needs are covered. Whether your event is for 5 or 5,000 -Shaike knows how to orchestrate a perfect symphony of service, always resulting in a successful occasion.
Shaike’s Kosher Catering uses the freshest ingredients and focuses on the simple flavors. We have cater for Dairy, Meat, Vegetarian (Pareve) and Organic events. Each mouth-watering dish will delight your guests, all while upholding the highest standards of kashrut. Well versed in flavors from around the world, Shaike’s extensive menu features Ashkenazi, Moroccan, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, South American, French and Russian cuisine. Shaike’s Kosher Catering is open Monday – Thursday from 9-6 and on Friday from 9-4.

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